In the war against our mind we are constantly bombarded with lies and misconceptions. In a physical war these are the bullets, the bombs and grenades – the conventional weapons. But increasingly often something comes up that’s called reality inversion. A kind of construct falsifying a whole area of life, some kind of information war that even changes the language, trying to condition our behaviour, letting many concepts disappear from our mind, the reality inversion is intended to fundamentally confuse us so that all references to the true reality are replaced with false representations circularily supporting each other.

Some science domains fundamentally distorted by reality inversion are medicine (autism causing vaccines,…), economy (all recessions or crises can be completely avoided), biology, history and so on.

Once entrapped in the reality inversion there is no escape to the truth zone anymore. The manufacturers of reality inversion show their wicked craft of deceiving by planting stories everywhere in the media and in the textbooks while academic research is only funded if it sustains the very inversion it is supposed to destroy.

The goal is mass destruction of all reliable information within the  observation spectrum of the public. Therefore, the reality inversion is the atomic bomb against our mind. Without reality inversion things like economic crisis, wars, famine, plagues would be impossible and the neocon global agenda would collapse.