The neocon agenda is total destruction of all nation states, the elimination of national and cultural identity of every human group and individual. Thereafter they can implement the kind of society they dream of: “Brave New World” (google it if you wonder what that might be…) They experimented and learnt a lot from their monstrously cruel MK Ultra “research”. It was completely breaking down somebody’s mind and personality to make room to build a mind of a neocon choice in the body once owned by a natural human mind. Now they target the nation and the national state world wide with a MK Ultra “New World Order”. The neocons declared nationalism a woe, they destroy whatever states they can get hold of (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Greece, etc.)

Germany is a priority because it is the biggest industrial production power the neocons control today (excepting the military industrial complex, the US has no production base anymore). Germany also has a very rich and sofisticated cultural life giving the German people something the neocons fear and hate the most: a strong national self identity.

Here is how a German describes the agony of the German people today:

No wonder Russia is a high value neocon target as well. And the anti-Russia “sanctions” are meant to let again Germany/EU and Russia harm each other. Otto von Bismarck declared Russia a natural ally of Germany and was removed to make room for the “party of war”. Did the Germans learnt nothing from the 2 world wars meant for Germany and Russia to destroy each other? With such vicious and powerful enemies, Germany and Russia are indeed natural allies.

But the game rages on: EU vs Russia with the US leading from behind. Europeans should better wake up and escape from the reality inversion where they are kept by their governments propaganda.